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Politicians and No-Win Scenarios

One of the most common complaints about politicians is that so often they change their positions or vote against their principles because they don't want people to dislike them. In a way, it's understandable. After all, they have to be elected to office time and time again and that becomes difficult when people dislike you. Then again, constantly changing your opinion so that people will like you tends to turn people against you, too. In some ways, being a politician is a no win scenario: even when you win there are a bunch of people out there who voted for the other person. Sometimes the best politicians, the ones who are able to keep everybody happy, are the worst public servants, while the best public servants are often poor politicians. Personally, I prefer to elect somebody who stands by principle, even if I disagree with a few of those principles, than someone who will change their opinion because they want me to like them. With the principled politician, at least I know…

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