Books by Chris "Stickler" St.Clair II

The Way 
Book One of the Terran Empire Series
In 2693 humanity has ventured out into the stars, colonizing a large portion of the galaxy and forging the Terran Empire. In response to the Great Religious War, all religious faith and expression has been banned. In order to continue practicing their faith, some have ventured out beyond the boundaries of the Empire. Others continue to practice their religions illegally, spreading their beliefs smuggling their scriptures from planet to planet. These religious renegades are hunted down by Commander Rigel Simon, an imperial officer tasked with eliminating the religious threat. But when disrupting a routine smuggling operation brings Rigel face to face with a messiah long-thought to be dead, will Rigel discover that religion is not the threat the Empire fears or uncover a plot more sinister than anyone could have imagined?
ISBN/EAN13: 1466477679 / 9781466477674
Page Count: 356

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