Saturday, December 26, 2020

Aging Pop Stars and Corny Christmas Movies

Suggested Reading: Psalm 92

The month of December is always filled with extremely corny Christmas movies, the kind with which we would have little patience any other time of the year but seem to endure gladly during the holiday season. I recently watched one that was much less corny than I expected it to be, The Christmas Angel. (I don't remember what channel it was on or I would give their corny Christmas movies first choice for the next couple weeks.) I do remember, however, the unique perspective of one of the main characters. She was an old, sickly, former pop star whose voice had faded with her looks. When a little girl asked her why she didn't spend more time in the spotlight, the older lady replied with something to the effect of, "Fame doesn't last forever. And besides, I'm not as pleasant to look at as I once was." This former pop star understood the passing nature of being on top of the world and she had long since reconciled herself to being out of the spotlight. In a society where fame seems to be prized above almost all else and where those who have it seem to cling to it, her perspective is sorely needed.

In Psalm 92:6-8, the psalmist writes,  The senseless man does not know, fools do not understand, that though the wicked spring up like grass and all evildoers flourish, they will be forever destroyed. But you, O Lord, are exalted forever (NIV). The Spanish translation Nueva Versión Internacional adds "Sólo tú" - meaning Only You, LORD, are exalted forever. I don't know why the Spanish translation adds that little phrase (it isn't in the original Hebrew), but the reading is accurate nonetheless. Only God remains on top of the world forever.

We may desire fame for ourselves, or just the chance to come out on top. We may look at the people around us and wonder why the jerks get to stay on top so long. But we should be both encouraged and warned by the reminder that only God is exalted forever. Any fame or status we achieve will necessarily be finite and come to an end and we should cling to it lightly, knowing it will not last. We can also be encouraged that the jerks and malicious fools will not come out on top forever.  But God is exalted forever. The Lord will always end up on top and we can trust that God will always care for us as a loving father. With our Father on top, we will ride God's fame and glory into eternity.

You may not have the fame or status you seek. Evil people may be on top of the world at the moment. But remember, only God is exalted forever.

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